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Empowered Healing : Yoga Therapy for trauma recovery
with Jana Whiddon, PhD, LMHC, ERYT 500, CYT
Class offered the 3rd Tuesday of every month 7-8:30pm $20
*Next class is July 16th

Over the past decade there have been advancements in the application of yoga therapy for the healing of symptoms related to trauma experiences.  A common denominator of a traumatic experience is disconnection from the body and a reduced capacity to live in the present moment.  The various tools of yoga promote a reconnection to ones' bodily experiences allowing for a healthier processing and expression of them.  In addition, yoga practices can ease symptoms related to trauma, reduce the pervasive internal stress response process and help develop a present moment awareness. You will learn the benefits of yoga therapy for trauma recovery and participate in a yoga practice. 

SIgn up & pay for the dates you can attend by visiting our schedule page.

Candlelight Yin: 
Mellow out to the sweet sounds of R & B, 
move and groove as you stretch and pacify your soul
SATURDAY, JULY 20th, 4:00PM - 6:00PM 
with Marni Tamayo ERYT 500

$25 | pre-registration required

Join the practice of Yin Yoga, which involves holding and exploring poses for longer periods of time with the sedative sounds of rhythm and blues.  The movement of yin and the sounds of R & B by candlelight together make
a perfect tranquilizer for your mind, your body, your breath and your soul.

WEEKEND WARRIOR & Mindful Warrior for Kids

SATURDAY, JULY 27th 3PM - 4:30PM


with Melissa Lees, RYT 500 $25 per adult | pre-registration required

Love them, hate them, or love to hate them! Warrior poses are an energetic battle requiring mind and body to come together to work on the three main components of yoga asana: Strength, Balance, and Flexibility.  From squared hips to wide stances to stability; from your core to your legs to your shoulders…warriors work it all.  Join us for an exploration of Warrior I, II, III, Reverse Warrior and Humble Warrior to understand the mechanics and energetics of your inner (Virabhadra) warrior.  

Mindful Warrior for Kids

with Jana Whiddon, PhD, LMHC, ERYT 500, C-IAYT
& Emily Rodriguez, RYT 200
AGES 5 & UP welcome : $8 first child in family,
$5 each additional child
| pre-registration required

*one adult of 21 or older must be on premises per family
(attending WEEKEND WARRIOR class or in the lobby)

Join us for this fun-filled 90 minutes where we will blend practicing yoga poses, energizing music, mindfulness and yoga inspired games/activities to inspire you.  Yoga teaches kids to strengthen, stretch, balance, breath and become more aware of themselves, others and their surroundings.

Adults can work their inner warriors and kids can practice their mindful warrior

GUEST  TEACHER : Dustin Valenta

Dustin completed Bikram's Teacher Training in Thailand in the Spring of 2015, where he was named Valedictorian. He has over 500 additional hours certification in Hatha/Vinyasa training. He has been traveling and teaching all over the world for the past four years. But the only honest answer to the question of how long he has been teaching/practicing yoga is "not long enough". It's one of the many things that keeps him in love with and passionate about what he does--the revelations are constant and unending. He credits his yoga practice with saving his life after a nearly fatal bike accident in 2013, and teaches from a place of love, compassion, and emphasis on alignment, breath, and curiosity.  Dustin is also the current USA Yoga Champion for the Central/Southeast division and will be competing in Nationals in the late summer.

dustin valenta@rdvalenta on Instagram



$30 | pre-registration required
In this workshop style class, we will focus on the core postures that are grounded in Bikram style yoga and that inform our Hot Yoga class structure and sequences.  You will learn several pieces of "body vocabulary" that you can apply to these foundational postures. We will address the importance of the set-up of the posture, how to create space and stability though seemingly opposite actions, and the power of finding your midline.
*This is a great class for all skill levels. This class will be heated, but less than our regular Hot Yoga classes.

FUN, FLOAT and FLY class
FRIDAY, AUG 23RD, 5:30-7PM

$12 | Class packs applicable | pre-registration required

Come practice the basic structural principles and get comfortable with being upside down and balancing on your hands!  We will incorporate bandhas, or body locks, within the context of a flow practice to move you toward suspension and weightlessness in your postures and transitions. This class is perfect for regular practitioners looking to refine their form and those ready to take their practice to the next level. 

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