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Yoga Pointe, Inc., stands in solidarity with Black, Indigenous,
and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, who have been disenfranchised
for far too long. Black Lives Matter and we stand firmly against racism and injustice. 
We fully embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Right action is part of the 
yogic path, as is cultivating the strength to sit with discomfort so that we can

ultimately find a way forward. Our goal is to support individual and community 
connection in both honoring
uniqueness and transcending differences where
appropriate. The call for meaningful change is upon us.  Join us on this journey.








At Yoga Pointe, our vision is to cultivate physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness for all.  
Our mission is to create a welcoming and peaceful space and have diverse offerings grounded in yogic traditions to inspire students and the community to root deep and grow.

We are proud to announce that our studio doors @ Southgate are OPEN!

Please see our in studio and livesteam schedule below

Register ahead for your class in advance due to limited class capacity. 
No walk-ins at this time. 
Deregistration 6 hours prior to class start is required so your yogi friends can register. If you do not deregister for a class, your class pack will be charged. We know plans change but we are operating on 50% capacity to keep us all safe, so take the minute to de-register to open your spot for another 

What's new at Yoga Pointe

HOT 🔥 classes 

Hot BarreBlend - This strength-based class will incorporate Barre strengthening exercises infused with a yoga centering, stretches and savasana.  It will incorporate traditional and creative Barre exercises while on the yoga mat.  It will be practiced in a radiant heated room to 102 degrees. Please bring a mat towel, hand towel and water.

Hot Yogalates - Blending the best of yoga and pilates, this fusion class will give you the toning and strengthening benefits of pilates, with the stretching and flexibility focus of yoga. It will be practiced in a radiant heated room to 102 degrees.  Please bring a mat towel, hand towel and water.

Inferno Hot Yogalates - This is a fun, challenging, low impact, and high intensity work 'in'. It is a fusion of pilates, yoga, and low impact drills delivered with a HIIT method will be the ultimate cardio-strengthen-stretch class. Why Inferno and Hot? Because you will burn toxins from the inside while the room is heated to a toasty 95 degrees.  It will be sweaty bliss so please bring a mat towel, hand towel and water.

and some not so hot...

Beyond Beginner-This class is for those who want a yoga practice a step beyond the beginner pace.  It will incorporate some more challenging options to help strengthen the body and mind. 


Special Events

NamastayWell this October, fun details here 

Yoga Pointe's In-studio & Livestream schedule

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