Workplace Yoga 

Why a Workplace Yoga program?

Our lives are busier than ever with increasing demands for employers and employees. We work long hours, often hunched over a computer, skip meals, and rarely take breaks. Before long, these work habits begin to take their toll on us in the form of stress, tension and sickness. Unfortunately, chronic stress can impair our physical and mental health, however a regular yoga practice can help reduce the effects of stress in the mind and body.

Benefits of a Workplace Yoga program
Everyone deserves the holistic benefits of yoga such as stress relief, self-empowerment, mental, and physical health. These benefits expand beyond the personal and ripple out into the workplace. Some of the benefits of regular yoga practice for you and your employees are:

-Increase efficiency, productivity & creativity

-Improve mindset, morale, and loyalty.

-Decrease stress-related sick occurrences

-Improve focus, concentration, decision-making skills

-Improve alertness and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations

-Reduce of head, neck and back strain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

-Cultivate a positive attitude and outlook

Workplace Yoga program options
Yoga Pointe, Inc., offers a variety of workplace yoga options. You can choose from one of our options or we can help you create a custom workplace yoga program.

-On site at your business: We can customize the focus, style, and duration of the class to meet the needs of your employees. This can be a one-time class, weekly-biweekly, or a time limited series for 4 or 6 weeks.

-At Yoga Pointe studio: We can create a serene environment for your employees with a special class time reserved just for them at our beautiful, spacious studio in Southgate Plaza.

-Local outdoor site: There are many outdoor city parks and recreation areas conducive to a relaxing yoga practice so we can design a class at one of these sites.

-Discounted Yoga classes at Yoga Pointe: Give your employees the freedom to choose a class at Yoga Pointe, with our corporate package where you can purchase and allow your employees to use at their convenience.

-Specialized half-day Wellness Workshops: We can design a half day workshop that focuses on wellness and self-care and is delivered through engaging and experiential activities.

How to get started
Contact us at or 863-937-8069 and we will partner with you to design the best Workplace Yoga program for your business.

*Considerations for covid will be discussed during the planning phase.

Your Yoga Pointe Team
With your Workplace Yoga Program you will get teachers with expertise in integrating yoga into a workplace culture. The teachers have experience in corporations and organizations focused in Banking, Educational Leadership, Marketing, and Human Resources and hold advanced degrees in these areas. In addition, they have extensive training and certifications in yoga and related wellness disciplines. We work in collaboration with you to determine the best fit of program options for your business and employees.

What businesses are saying:

"I love how she taught us specific poses based on what we do at work during the day. Nothing seemed too hard, and it definitely helped me be more mindful about my posture, and where I'm holding my stress!" ~FitNiche

“Taking the time to allow for space helps make effective decisions through clear minds. By having Yoga Pointe a part of our company retreat, we scheduled the dedicated time to just be, and several of our team members noted how much they enjoyed the time." ~The Lunz Group