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Yoga Pointe 200 & 300 hour

Teacher Training Programs

*We are Accepting Applications for our 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program!*

Teaching Philosophy & Description
At Yoga Pointe, our teaching philosophy of our 200 and 300 hour programs emphasize individualized learning, experiential methods, and student-centered approaches all cultivated within an atmosphere of creativity, flexibility, and compassion.  Our approach is holistic diving into the world of yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodologies and more, all in a supportive and nurturing environment.  Our experienced instructors will guide you through every aspect of becoming an authentic and effective yoga teacher and committed yoga student. 

Yoga Pointe’s 200 and 300 hour programs are approved by the Yoga Alliance, meeting their rigorous standards for yoga teacher training programs.  Both programs are intensive courses for those wanting to deepen their understanding of yoga tradition.  They are also geared to prepare students to teach yoga and practice safely, successfully, and compassionately.  The 200 hour program provides a solid foundation of the fundamentals while the 300 hour (taken after completion of a 200 hour program) advances knowledge, skills, and practice well beyond the fundamentals. Yoga Pointe offers a multi-style approach which includes, but not limited to, Integrative Yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa/Flow, Hot, Restorative, Yin, Senior and Children’s yoga. With this foundation, you are given a range of possibilities for the creative teaching of yoga from which you can develop your own vision of teaching and elevate your personal practice. 


Teacher Training Faculty Expertise
The Faculty for the Yoga Pointe YTT program have extensive teaching experience and expertise in foundational and advanced yogic traditions and practices.  The faculty include yoga teachers with 500RYT designation, proficiency in professional areas complimentary to yoga, and expertise in yoga subjects that provide a well-rounded training experience.  The main faculty include Jana Whiddon (Yoga Pointe owner) ERYT500, and IAYT1000.  Jana also holds a PhD in Clinical Mantal Health Counseling and is a Faculty Lead at Yorkville University’s Master of Counseling and Psychology Program.  Marni Tamayo ERYT500 and Leanne Green ERYT200 are also primary faculty and have over 20 years combined experience teaching yoga.   


300 hour Advanced Training Curriculum & Schedule

Enrolling in a 300 hour advanced teacher training program comes after successful completion of a 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved program. At the 300 hour level, the curriculum is focused on elevating and refining knowledge and skills of various yoga topic areas. Application of this knowledge is more comprehensive and in-depth. Each one of the topic areas below require dedication and discipline to gain proficiency and are carefully planned over the course of the 300 hour training schedule. The program is developmental, building on concepts, knowledge, and skills over time with final proficiency of a focused class series and workshop.


The 300 hour program will focus on the following curriculum topics:

  • Advanced asana analysis
  • Advanced study of pranayama
  • Application of yoga tools for medical ailments applied to individual yoga sessions
  • Assessment and intervention of individual yoga students
  • Community service Yoga Project
  • Comprehensive study of yoga sutras and philosophy
  • Developing & Teaching focused class series and workshops
  • Functional anatomy
  • Increasing community involvement and support through yoga
  • In depth chakra analysis, assessment, and application
  • Peer evaluation of teaching
  • Refinement of advanced verbal and hands on assists
  • Self-analysis and growth via application yoga philosophy and yoga tools.

300 hour program dates and scheduled hours, 2024/2025 dates

*All days are scheduled 8am-5pm and are spread over 8 months, occurring mostly on weekends, except for three immersion weekends that will take place over Thursday- Sunday.

2024 Meeting Dates
August 15-18, Thurs-Sun 8am-5pm
September 7-8, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm
September 21, Sat 8am-5pm
October 5-6, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm
October 19, Sat 8am-5pm
November 2-3, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm
November 16, Sat 8am-5pm
December 7-8, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm
December 14, Sat 8am-5pm
2025 Meeting Dates
January 16-19, Thurs-Sun 8am-5pm
February 1-2, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm
February 15, Sat 8am-5pm
March 27-30, Thurs-Sun 8am-5pm
300 hour requirements – Additional requirements of the 300 hour program are listed below.
  • Completion of the full 270 contact hours and 30 non-contact hours = 300 hour requirements.
  • Practice in group classes at Yoga Pointe a minimum of 2 times per week with related journaling, for a minimum of 45 hours towards the total contact hours.
  • Development of a steady home practice with related journaling.
  • Completion of 10-15 hours of apprenticeship and class assists under the supervision of one of Yoga Pointe teacher training Instructors.
  • Completion of 6-8 hours of teaching in YP’s 200 YTT program.
300 hour Program Cost & Application Process
The total tuition for the 2024/2025 cycle of the 300 hour program is $4500.00.  A $500 deposit will hold your space in the program. 
The application and payment in full deadline for the 300 hour program is June 14, 2024.
If you choose to pay in cash, a $500 discount will be applicable making the tuition $4000.
300 hour program application process
  • Completion of a Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour yoga teacher training program and certificate included with application.
  • You will complete the application packet for consideration in Yoga Pointe’s 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and submit it with your deposit, full or partial payment.
  • Once your application is submitted and deposit paid, you will be contacted for an in-person interview with the YTT Lead teachers.
  • While it is not a requirement that you have teaching experience, it is preferred that you have 50 hours of teaching experience.
Click on the link below to complete the 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Application.

We are currently in session with our 200 hour program for 2024. 
Our 2025 dates will be posted soon. 


200 hour Curriculum, Requirements 
200 hour Program Curriculum - The 200 hour teacher training provides a solid foundation from which you can expand your personal practice and develop the skills, insight, knowledge, and compassion necessary to begin teaching. The 200 hour program will build the foundation for a strong yoga student and teacher identity, a complete skill set and will expand your personal practice. 

We will cover the foundations of each of the topics below:

  • Anatomy & Physiology Foundations
  • Asana analysis including teaching points, vocal cues, effective prop use, and modifications for all levels
  • Chakra system foundations and application to students and asanas
  • Mindful hands-on assists
  • Home Practice & Personal Practice
  • Kosha system
  • Class sequencing, teacher communication, and overall class set up
  • Philosophy & History of Yoga
  • Pranayama practices and anatomy of breathing
  • Practicum, teaching and designing elements/segments of classes and full classes.
  • Sanskrit Foundations
  • Sutras of Patanjali including the eight limbs
  • Understand role of stress in health & illness and how yoga helps

Yoga Teacher Training Programs Policies

Cancellation Policy (200 & 300 hour programs)

Because of application process and preparation required for each student in teacher training programs, deposits are non-refundable.  If you cancel your deposit will be applied to your account for future use of classes and workshops.  If you drop out of the program after the start date, there will be no refund of any tuition paid. You may, however, apply your tuition balance to a future program, workshops, or classes.  Unused teacher training tuition is non-transferrable and expires at the conclusion of the teacher training program for which you were originally enrolled.

Attendance Policy (200 & 300 hour programs)

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE ATTENDANCE POLICY.  Full attendance in the program is required for Yoga Alliance certification. Missing any weekend will significantly impact the training and learning process.  If an emergency occurs and there is missed time, hours can be made up, however a discounted private rate of $70 per hour will apply.  You will be required to pay the private hourly rate to make up the content and contact hours. If you miss a weekend due to a non-emergency, we will encourage you to drop out of the program and re-enroll in another future program or you will graduate with a certificate reflecting the number of hours you completed.  We cannot offer make up sessions for ‘non-emergency’ absences. Remember that Yoga Alliance will not certify you until you have completed the full requirements of each program.

Contact us by calling 863-937-8069, texting 877-393-0939 or email Jana at for questions about the 200 hour or 300 hour programs.