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Private & Semi-private Yoga Sessions


What is a Private & Semi-Private Yoga session?

Private sessions are one-on-one sessions with a trained yoga teacher for the purposes of individualized attention and instruction.  A semi-private session could be with you and a friend, spouse, co-athlete, or anyone who also desires personalized attention with their yoga practice. 

Why do private Yoga sessions?

Private yoga sessions are geared to personally assist you in meeting your health and wellness goals using the many tools of yoga.  Your instructor will craft session plans based on the goals, injuries, challenges, and needs you discuss at the initial session and ongoing sessions. Private yoga sessions will advance your practice with confidence and guidance while avoiding injury.

Some benefits of private yoga sessions are:

Hands on assists specifically geared to support you in gaining the most from the yoga postures and other yoga practices.
Gaining a more in depth understanding of the foundational philosophy of yoga
Deepening a meditation practice
Creating and refining a steady pranayama (breathing) practice
Developing confidence and familiarizing yourself with various yoga practices and postures so you can transfer into a group class with ease
Tailoring a yoga practice enhance performance with a sport or prevention of sports-related injuries.  
Learning to modify a yoga practice while healing from injury or surgery or other physical limitation.
Cultivating a yoga practice to manage or improve health issues like insomnia, low back pain, diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, etc.
Having an in depth yoga practice where you can learn more of the technical and subtle aspects of the postures and other yoga practices with focus on anatomy, chakras, and alignment.  




Private Yoga Session Pricing

Private (1 person)

60 minute session - $60

4-pack of 60 minute sessions - $220 ($5 discount per session)

90 minute session - $90

*$10 additional fee for a heated private session

Doubles (2 people)

60 minute session - $85

4-pack of 60 minute doubles sessions - $320 ($5 discount per session)

90 minute doubles session - $110

*$10 additional fee for a heated  private session

Semi-private (3-5 people)

60 minute semi-private session - $140

4-pack of 60 minute semi-private session - $530 ($7.50 discount per session)

*$10 additional fee for heated private session

Semi-Private for 6 or more people

Contact the studio for pricing information at 863.938.8069 or


*All private sessions include use of mats, bolsters, blocks, sandbags, and other yoga props when needed.  

Studio space during the session will be private and confidential.

We respect the desire for confidentiality and will keep your personal information about the yoga sessions confidential.


**Still have questions regarding private sessions, please submit your name, contact information and questions to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.