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Namaste' Yogi's & Yogini's,

At Yoga Pointe we believe in challenging the body to balance the mind and emotions. We create an open, inclusive space where you can embark on a journey that will transform you, no matter who you are. 

In our signature heated classes, you’ll have a very motivating physical experience that will leave you physically and mentally detoxified. Expect to work hard, then experience a profound and healing catharsis. This is where the magic happens, promise!

If your practice calls for a calmer pace, we also offer non-heated classes to leave you feeling grounded and stress-free.

We believe that the physical component of yoga is just the beginning. Once the stress and tension in your body has been released, we empower you to use other yogic tools such as mindfulness and self-study to explore your own ways of being in this world – shifting your inner experiences of your mind and emotions towards balance.

We are more than a yoga studio; we are a truly compassionate community of teachers and students who lift each other up -- out of the darkness and into the light!

Love & Light,







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