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Welcome to Yoga Pointe! 

Yoga Pointe offers a wide range of classes that are heated and non-heated to accommodate every skill level and inspire empowerment.

Our peaceful studio space features the most welcoming environment to connect you with our yoga community, soothe the senses with the aroma of essential oils, and to focus the mind with our custom hand painted mandalas in the studios and lobby.  Our well-trained teachers are ready to create the yoga experience just right for you. 

Our studio is well-stocked with every yoga prop you could possibly imagine to assist you in your practice but you are always welcome to bring your own yoga equipment from home however, we do highly recommend that you invest in a great yoga mat.  We offer a selection of our favorite tried and true durable yoga mats for purchase in our studio boutique. 

Below, find a full list of the types of yoga classes we offer grouped by those that are heated and those that are non-heated guaranteed to balance and empower YOU!

Below, find a full list of the types of yoga classes we offer, ranked on a scale of yoga mats. One yoga mat is our least challenging  and three yoga mats indicates our most challenging class. 

Heated Classes 
Bring towels & water and hydrate before/after attending all heated classes!
Warm Simply Stretch 
You will experience an inner calm and delightful relaxation from head to toe as you are guided through a purposeful sequence of stretches.  You will gain flexibility and range of motion in your body and profound inner balance in your mind and emotions. This is offered as heated and non-heated.  
Intro to Hot Yoga 
Not sure about the heat? or New to Hot yoga?  Try this!  With the heat in the low 90’s paired with a moderately challenging sequence of poses, you‘ll get your feet wet (and the rest of your body) in our signature hot class as you detox, then leave feeling empowered! 
Hot Yoga 
In this signature class, you will experience a physical and mental challenge that will leave you feeling balanced and rejuvenated.  At 100-104 degrees, the ceramic ceiling heaters feel as if the sun is smiling upon you.  You will practice standing poses to cultivate balance and strength, moving to floor poses to align and refine, ending with a sweet deep rest as the trickle of well-earned sweat glistens from your brow. *Challenge may vary from 2-3 mats.
Hot & Yin 
This blended class gives you the intensity and detoxification of our Signature Hot Yoga with the longer holds and deep release of Yin Yoga.  During this 75-minute class, you will experience a profound freedom as you balance movement and power with stillness and simplicity.
Hot Yoga Strength
You will enjoy sweaty bliss as you engage in challenging, low impact, and intense work 'in'. This is a perfectly sequenced Signature Hot Yoga with focus on poses and movements that build muscle strength and core power. As a result of building strength in your body and mind, you will gain steadiness and integrity in your yoga practice, on and off the mat.  

Non-heated Classes 
  Chair Yoga                                               
In this specialized chair-based class you will use a chair as a prop to allow you to find the optimal balance between support and challenge.   Your strength, balance, and flexibility will be enriched while moving mindfully and steadily.    
Refresh your mind and soul with our most deeply restful experience. Surrender your body to its natural state of relaxation as you completely release into fully supported yoga postures using props like blankets, blocks, bolsters. 
Simply Stretch 
You will experience an inner calm and relax from head to toe as you are guided through a purposeful sequence of stretches.  You will gain flexibility and range of motion in your body and profound inner balance in your mind and emotions. This is offered as heated and non-heated.  
Beginner Yoga  
You deserve time to unwind and relax so you feel refreshed and empowered when you step back out into your life.  We will mindfully guide you in a practice where you will gain balance, strength, and flexibility.  Your stress level will diminish, and your inner peace will illuminate.  
Yin Yoga 
This class is a sweet combination of sensation and stillness. Ground down into simple, effective yoga postures to release tension in your body’s deepest tissues and increase vitality of your joints and spine. This class moves slowly and intentionally with mat based poses held for several minutes.  This purposeful time helps you to cultivate mindful awareness of body, mind, and emotions.
Yoga & Meditation 
This class is designed for those continuing their yoga practice.  It focuses on breathwork, building strength, flexibility and confidence as you move through poses. This class closes with a meditation to quiet the mind and increase your internal awareness. 


Private & Semi-private Yoga Sessions
Private sessions are one-on-one sessions with a trained yoga teacher for the purposes of individualized attention and instruction.  A semi-private session could be with you and a friend, spouse, co-athlete, or anyone who also desires personalized attention with their yoga practice. 

Private yoga sessions are geared to personally assist you in meeting your health and wellness goals using the many tools of yoga.  Your instructor will craft session plans based on the goals, injuries, challenges, and needs you discuss at the initial session and ongoing sessions. Private yoga sessions will advance your practice with confidence and guidance while avoiding injury. 

Some benefits of private yoga sessions are:

Hands on assists specifically geared to support you in gaining the most from the yoga postures and other yoga practices.
Gaining a more in depth understanding of the foundational philosophy of yoga
Deepening a meditation practice
Creating and refining a steady pranayama (breathing) practice
Developing confidence and familiarizing yourself with various yoga practices and postures so you can transfer into a group class with ease
Tailoring a yoga practice enhance performance with a sport or prevention of sports-related injuries.  
Learning to modify a yoga practice while healing from injury or surgery or other physical limitation.
Cultivating a yoga practice to manage or improve health issues like insomnia, low back pain, diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, etc.
Having an in depth yoga practice where you can learn more of the technical and subtle aspects of the postures and other yoga practices with focus on anatomy, chakras, and alignment.  

Please contact us to book your sessions!